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“Sudden thermal meltdown.” Goliath and the end of heat


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Here we explain what the weather will be like the next fifteen days Approximately until September 3rd. We can call this video “from hot to cold in a surprising way”. We already told you a week ago that, firstly, I say this to those who do not believe not only in forecasts up to three days, they remained old-fashioned, but even do not believe in averages over 10 days.

So, two stages. first stage , heat wave Due to the African anticyclone, but it does not push the African air, but rather the Atlantic subtropical air, it will reach its peak in the northern center between August 20 and 23 with a value of 90% between 35 and 37 degrees only in Lombardy. Between August 23 and 24, the heat will continue in the south and will reach its peak between August 21 and August 23 in the south, with highs of about 37 degrees in Sardinia and Puglia.

Then we will get second stage Between August 25 and September 3, when fresh and stormy Atlantic currents across Italy caused a storm thermal breakdown 8-10 degrees throughout Italy, except for the southern region where it will actually be between 5 and 7 degrees. However a Steep decline Temperatures across Italy, visibly accompanied Thunderstorms are common Especially in the central north, thunderstorms are less common in the south, and thunderstorms of strong intensity are possible in the Lake District and alpine regions.

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