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Inflation is going fast For families in Pistoia, a salary of 1,488 euros reaches a bonus from the INPS

Inflation is going fast For families in Pistoia, a salary of 1,488 euros reaches a bonus from the INPS

Once again, inflation scares families in Pistoia. Thanks to the regional data of Istat for the month of July, in fact, the National Federation of Consumers has compiled a ranking of the most expensive cities in Italy and Pistoia ranks 16th in terms of increase in cost of living. Numbers? The inflation trend is +6.6%, which translates into a larger annual additional expense of €1488 for the average family. It has nothing to do with Genoa, which leads the ranking with +8.2% for an average increase in spending of €1,787, and Varese and Milan are second and third respectively with €1,714 and €1,710 per household. But in any case, our capital is definitely at the top of the national ranking. With “good” Massa Carrara (ex aequo) other Tuscans fare worse: in fact, fourth place is Grosseto, which has the third highest annual inflation rate in Italy, +7.5%, has a bite of €1,691. In seventh place is Siena with 1578 euros (in fifth place for inflation with + 7%), in ninth Lucca (+ 6.8%, +1533 euros), in Florence thirteenth (+ 6.5%, +1516 euros).

Things are better in Pisa, Livorno and Arezzo, but in general all Tuscan capitals are above the national average. It is not for nothing that our region has the fourth worst average annual increase in Italy. On the other side of the ranking, the most virtuous city in Italy in terms of the lowest extra spending is again Potenza, with the lowest inflation rate in the country (+3.5%) and where average spending is “only” €691. Second Catanzaro (+ 4.3%, +803 euros), third Reggio Calabria (+ 4.7%, + 878 euros).

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In short, the increase in consumer prices clearly shows itself in our pockets: precisely for this reason, the INPS has introduced an anti-inflationary bonus of 150 euros active and payable since last August 15th. A measure aimed at providing immediate support to families facing the immediate consequences of increased costs. But who is entitled to it and how is this reward paid? According to the ProntoBolletta study, among the main beneficiaries we find those who (still) receive citizenship income and those who will receive it for the first time in August. Moreover, employees, domestic workers, pensioners and VAT holders, provided that they have recorded an annual income in 2021 of less than 20 thousand euros, are also included among the beneficiaries of this benefit.

In addition to belonging to these categories, it is necessary to submit a specific application and send an IBAN number for approval. For Rdc beneficiaries, the amount of €150 will be credited automatically, eliminating the need for further bureaucratic steps. And the official INPS website presents a simplified way to check bonus eligibility: in fact, it is possible to review your Social Security file and check your eligibility. As mentioned, the bonus is disbursed during the month of August, according to a specific calendar. A temporary measure that represents a concrete response to the current problems, with awareness of the need for more structural interventions to overcome the economic challenges that characterize this historical period.

Alessandro Benigni