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Bnl Bnp Paribas, court ruling worries account holders.  Loud Defeat: What Happens Now?

Bnl Bnp Paribas, court ruling worries account holders. Loud Defeat: What Happens Now?

Bnl conviction scares savers (Web) –

In an economically and socially fragile context such as the one we have been witnessing recently, there is truly tragic news.

Indeed, the most surprising news, in these hours, is certainly that restricted To one of the Italian banks with the largest number of clients. We are talking about Pnl BNP Paribas. What came this far is condemnation affiliate court. and this arouses no small concern to all those who have entrusted their property savings to this credit institution.

It must be said that this is by no means the first time something like this has happened. This is just a filelast a lot defeats the last of He lost many battles over the years. But, given the condition calamity What you suffer from, is the one that worries you the most, but much more than that. condemnation Bnl He finally came Saturday 5th August.

And tell this to rule He pretty much did Web tour At any given time also supported by those who are Fears affiliate savers. These have already been forced to face many inconveniences due to the indiscriminate closure of physical branches and ATMs. And the best is yet to come.

According to forecasts, by 2026 they will all disappear. But this is another matter entirely. What matters to us is that we know what is happening in BNP Paribas in the last period. Let’s find out, then Reasons Who is this condemnation And we understand very well together How much do you worry For the future.

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Bnl Bnp Paribas Another sentence and this time everyone is worried.

As mentioned before, Bnl has already been convicted A few weeks ago, and now, he’s got another money. there before Received for getting help from external sources definitely illegalwhile the second, In chronologically recent practice, he was awarded for incorrect behaviours. Here is a summary of the situation.

Bnl conviction scares savers (Web) –

Last August 5, it was Labor judge he have convicted Bnl in court, since the company did not recognize company representatives from various trade unions what it is right Holy deities Workers. We are talking about the semi-annual meeting. In practice, Bank A act of force against unions.

But the latter prevailed court. And now they are celebration they victory with the Hopes from U.S comparison Healthy and serious in discussing and implementing the needs of workers and employees optimization solutions Also for the company. They also hope the bank will no longer prove as arrogant as it has been in recent times.