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Starfield: Seamless interplanetary free flight is now possible with the mod

Starfield: Seamless interplanetary free flight is now possible with the mod

Lack of a “smooth” transition without glitches in the system Interplanetary spaceflights And the Complete control The running process undertaken by the players is one of the crucial elements highlighted Starfieldbut it can be improved by the arrival of something interesting modern Which offers the feature in question.

In the Bethesda game, due to the “realistic” relationship in terms of distances between planets and the speed of spaceships, moving from one planet to another takes place. Through lists In a practically obligatory way, considering that it would take days of browsing to access the various settings.

To move from one planet to another, it is necessary to access the menu, select the path and Start the jump Which takes us directly to our destination. This will be a problem for many players, as it tends to break the classic identity and spirit of Bethesda products, where travel is often an integral part of the game.

A model for controlling flight at the speed of light

The 105gun could improve the situation by introducing the named model Slower than lightwhich allows you to effectively move from planet to planet while maintaining control of the ship at all times.

In practice, the modification introduces more controls to the ship’s speed, allowing it to exceed the speed of light while maintaining the ship’s speed Controllable aircraftwhich allows you to move freely between planets effectively.

You can find the mod at this is the address. While it doesn’t represent a fundamental change to gameplay, it does represent a step toward the complete freedom some players desire in Starfield, compared to its initial settings. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that individual planets would enter the atmosphere anyway, but it’s still a bit of an evolution.

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Meanwhile, we’ve seen that Starfield mods have already amassed 14 million downloads on Nexus Mods.