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Hide WhatsApp chat from partners and relatives: Now you have to do it  Everyone does it

Hide WhatsApp chat from partners and relatives: Now you have to do it Everyone does it

With this trick you can hide your WhatsApp conversation from anyone. Just a few steps to follow, and you’re done

There are many people who hate having their phones monitored by their relatives or relatives. An action that is not very genuine for any type of relationship and can cause inappropriate reactions to say the least. But now the developers are working on appropriate updates to solve this annoying problem and to do that, you just need to follow some simple steps in the settings.

The trick to hiding WhatsApp chat –

Hiding Whatsapp chats has become very simple To be implemented and that’s why everyone is trying to learn more. Privacy protection is an essential quality that a technological product must have, especially if it is part of the personal sphere of anyone who owns a smartphone. So the idea of ​​not letting anyone see what you are writing with someone else becomes essential in order to give customers a completely successful product.

This cannot but rejoice all people who feel controlled or who, when they leave their smartphone somewhere unattended, fear the interference of third parties in their personal sphere. So, everyone educates themselves about The best way to hide your conversations This will soon be possible through simple steps carried out within the application.

What to expect from the updates

Let’s start with the fact that methods already exist today to be able to do this Put your Whatsapp profile under lock and key. In fact, you can make the app open just using your password or fingerprint. The new iPhones also let you unlock the app using facial recognition, which isn’t bad.

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Hidden chat
How to hide chat –

However, Whatsapp developers want more and are working on it The update will be installed soon in the app. It is not known when this innovation will be presented to users, but most likely it will not be long. There are several activities that the messaging company has implemented for some time in order to protect the privacy of its customers.

From what appeared from the WABetainfo website, which deals with all the news that occurs in the WhatsApp panorama, to hide chats you will need to be blocked. To open it, you will need or Fingerprint or use of biometric data. It will be possible to unlock using a simple code, which is a simpler and more popular method, but somewhat more troublesome and slow.