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Starfield: DLSS and Xess add-on free mod available

Starfield: DLSS and Xess add-on free mod available

starfield It’s now in early access, and a few hours after its launch, there are already people who have solved the leveling problem with modern Completely free, freely downloadable, and adds support for DLSS from NVIDIA and XeSS from Intel.


Options added by PureDark mod

The author of the “Starfield Upscaler – Replace FSR2 with DLSS or XeSS” mod is PureDark, who apparently decided to backtrack from the initial intention of distributing it only to its supporters on Patreon and posted it on Nexus modification.

The description of the mod specifies that it is supported only DLSS 2 Not DLSS 3. To install the mod, you need to download a fileBasic plugin for upgradingagain from Nexus Mods.

Now you just have to extract the mod archive in the Starfield root folder, install the Upscaler Base Plugin, and copy the PDPerfPlugin.dll file in the mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder. You also need to download the nvngx_dlss.dll and libxess.dll libraries and put them in the same folder. PureDark specifies that both should be there. Now press “END” in the game to access the level up menu and choose the one you like best. But first you need to activate FSR2 In the game settings, because the mod replaces the high-end AMD with the two just installed.

PureDark also reminds you that DLSS is only supported by RTX GPUs, while XeSS is only supported by Intel GPUs.

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