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Milena Sandrocco was found alive in Castel Volturno.  But the dance teacher’s escape from Lanciano remains a mystery

Milena Sandrocco was found alive in Castel Volturno. But the dance teacher’s escape from Lanciano remains a mystery

“She’s alive, she’s alive.” The strangled screams of two children and a sister Milena Sandrocco54 years old from Abruzzo Throwing (Cheeti) disappeared from Torino di Sangro for six days. A howl of rage after days of doggedly repeating, “It couldn’t have left voluntarily.” Then the family was silent: it was not a tragedy, but the escape remains a mystery. Why did she leave? with whom Where have you been these six days? Milena was found last night. She was in Castel Volturno in the Caserta area and, according to the first reconstruction, she entered the bar “Do Punto Zero” down the street. Domitian Near the town hall of the city of Campania, I asked for a phone to call. He was in a state of obvious agitation. He was recognized by the managers as the missing dance teacher at Lanciano and called in to help. After some time, the police arrived and prosecuted the case with their flying squad. The woman was immediately examined.

Happy ending

The happy conclusion, surprisingly, came after six days of research, when pessimistic hypotheses were already circulating. As he is fine, his family has been contacted and is at the police station. The dance and gym teacher went missing last Sunday. Massive searches and searches by firefighters, civil defense, divers and coast guards who patrolled the Adriatic sea to Termoli yesterday with drones and helicopters were futile. Just yesterday the operation site was moved ten kilometers south, to Castelportino Lido, from Turin di Sangro beach, where Milena’s Renault Clio was found on Monday afternoon, open and with a wheel punctured by a nail. Yesterday Alessia Natali, the Abruzzo manager of “Penelope”, the association dealing with missing persons, arrived in Castelportino with Antonio Cozza, the prosecutor of the Perugia court. Her sons Manuel and Denis distributed Penelope’s SOS flyer along the entire beach with data and photographs of their mother.

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Natalie clarified: «I want to point out that Vasto and its surroundings are on maximum alert and that the red jacket worn by Milena will not be ignored. She is wearing sports clothes. Together with lawyer Gossa, to understand what happened, we started from the Torino di Sangro car park and walked a part of the beach, a hypothetical route that Milena might have taken. I got the first two reports from Vasto and elsewhere, but their authenticity needs to be verified. It is not known if Milena was wearing a red jacket. As the ocean currents are not well defined, the research has been extended to the south and hence, the research basin has been widened,” police said Throwing Yesterday he had also asked some of Milena’s friends and acquaintances, but despite the public prosecutor’s office opening a kidnapping case, no clues emerged as to what had happened. In recent days there have been several appeals from her family members: the woman’s Facebook profile has been mysteriously deleted and her cell phone switched off. His car was found at the Torino di Sangro with a flat tire or a nail in the tire.


The sea, the beaches, the “Via Verde” circular and pedestrian path and the Lecceta di Torino di Sangro, where sought after Milena He often went for physical activity, where last Sunday evening at 6.37 pm the last connection of the telephone handset occurred: Drabocchi advised us to search the sea area at the beach. On Sunday at 3.3 pm, he sent the last photos he took on his mobile phone while at the beach on WhatsApp.

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The situation was not given investigative weight until October Milena She turned to a parish priest to ask for a blessing for her work. He worried about his “Paso Melodia” gym, where he found items deemed “evil” in the corners. He turned to Father Pius Citilapilli, an Indian religious man of the parish of San Pietro and exorcist of the Diocese of Lanciano-Ortona. “She came with a friend and collaborator to ask for a blessing – she said – she was afraid of the things found. After a few days she came back to the gym to ask for a blessing, but she was calm and quiet, a good person.”

No blessing and no exorcism, so the episode surrounding Milena’s disappearance emerged from the police investigations which they considered very dated. The investigations, coordinated by public prosecutor Silvia Di Nunzio of the Vasto prosecutor’s office, were awaiting a scientific evaluation of the car to understand if anyone had left traces.
“Now it is necessary – Natalika explained – to do medical tests on Milena, and then we must understand what happened to her.” Here: What happened?