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How much confidence do the governments of the G7 countries have?

How much confidence do the governments of the G7 countries have?

This graphic created by Nick Routley from Visual capitalistIt analyzes changes in trust in government institutions between 2006 and 2023, based on survey data Gallup multinational.

In particular, this dataset aggregates trust in several national institutions, including the military, the judiciary, the national government, and the integrity of the electoral system.

The interesting aspect is that in the G7, a group of the world’s most advanced economies, there is only one country that deviates from the general trend: the United States.

In most G7 countries, trust in institutions improved or remained unchanged between 2006 and 2023. The largest percentage point increases were seen in Italy and Japan, which saw confidence increases of +13 percentage points and +11 percentage points over time. a period.

But in the United States, trust in government institutions has declined by 13 percentage points over the years. What happened?

Key figures on US confidence in institutions
In 2006, the United States tied with the United Kingdom for the highest level of trust in government institutions, at 63%.

But here’s what the results will look like in 2023, across institutions:

Based on this data, it is clear that the United States lags on three key indicators: trust in the national government, trust in the justice system, and trust in fair elections. They ranked last on every indicator in the G7.

Another notable fact: Despite leading the world in military spending, the United States ranks only third in the G7 in terms of confidence in its military. It comes after France (86%) and the United Kingdom (83%).

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