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Blackout day is approaching: the internet is out, electronic devices are down, the risks and how long it will last

Blackout day is approaching: the internet is out, electronic devices are down, the risks and how long it will last

There may soon be a complete blackout of electronic devices, where even the Internet will not be able to work.

Correct performance for us smart phone, Wave H Portable It is often taken for granted, without considering the number of factors that can put it at risk. Among these factors are, of course, the stability of the grid we use and the availability of electricity, but also some astronomical events that interest us closely. Such as solar flares. In fact, its effects can be very dangerous.

The risk of a complete blackout of electronic devices is tangible. – (

First, we have to examine what this phenomenon consists of. It defines itself Eruption or flare The expulsion of matter from the photosphere of a star, in our case the Sun. The energy that is released is equal to that which we can generate Detonating several atomic bombs. No matter how far we are, the emitted particles can reach the ground.

This second phenomenon is called a geomagnetic storm, and when it occurs it can be encountered Communication disorders. The solar plasma cloud that is created meets the Earth’s magnetic field, changes it and is also generated Phenomena that can be seen with the naked eye. For example, the northern lights appear at much lower latitudes than usual.

Is it possible for a complete power outage to occur?

Geomagnetic storms that follow a solar flare can be classified as: According to five power categoriesRanging From G1 (weak) to G5 (severe). The ones we fear are accurate are G4 or G5 events, which can lead to prolonged blackouts in the power grid, although G3-class storms can actually disturb our satellites.

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Total internet outage as well
What are the consequences if the Internet and device stop? – (

However, a G5 storm will be able to do this Put it out of useWhich forced us to remove it from orbit in addition to causing the collapse of the electrical grid. Such a scenario sounds horrific since communication would not only become more difficult, but would also end Lack of basic services. The dangerous thing is that this situation can happen Entire days past.

Experts’ concern increased in particular after some flare-ups occurred In February of this yearbetween On the 16th and 22nd. Over the past seven years, the intensity of these phenomena seems to be gradually increasing, indicating that the following phenomena could be:More dangerous. So far at least the electronics haven’t shown any problems.

Solar flares seem to have some consequences Also on men’s health Above a certain intensity. In particular, it seems that they can cause sleep disturbances and make you feel a certain amount of stress. There’s no telling when another flare will occur, however It seems to be happening more and more.