Monday, July 22, 2024

Sleeping bag, water bottle, overalls: Night at the Museum at the Pinacoteca


Sleeping bag, water bottle, overalls and the camera. No, no one leaves for a walk in the mountains. The group is the group of children, accompanied by their parents, who decide to take part in “Night at the Museum” in Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery. The initiative, which included a treasure hunt and a series of workshops, allowed young participants to frolic in the museum’s rooms and sleep for the night at the foot of the large paintings preserved inside.

«We have brave teachers – says Andrea – who participates in the evening with his whole class -. We are so happy sleeping here in our own sleeping bags. We are also very excited.”

Excitement prevails, but silence becomes total when he appears on the museum’s main staircase Pauline Tosiou. In fact, the landlady has lost one of her paintings and now wants it redrawn by the painter. The painting is the painting by the artist Antonio Ciconara “San Giorgio and the Princess”: “You have to help me convince the painter to paint – as Paulina Tosio says to the children -. You must find what he asks of you. The painter asks for a series of items including gold and the land of Siena, so that he can paint the picture and not anger Pauline’s husband, Paolo.

And so the evening continues between riddles to be solved, riddles and treasure hunts to find all the ingredients that the painter asks for.

When the job is done and all the things are found, everyone slips them into their sleeping bag. Night falls, and silence reigns in the rooms. But some continue to work. It is the painter who will surprise the merry company in the morning: the painting is ready, the landlady is satisfied and all the credit goes to the little guests.

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