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Here is all the information on the dates and the programme

In Balanzone, Emilia-Romagna’s most famous mask, we are getting ready to experience Carnival 2023 with float shows and special programs of events.

(Credit pH Skeeze, Pixabay)

Bologna Carnival 2023: information

Approaching Carnival 2023one of the most heartfelt celebrations for children and adults, which this year will begin on February 5th and end on the 21st. BolognaAs in all Italian cities, there will be many special activities to celebrate Carnival, starting with the traditional parade of allegorical floats through the wonderful streets of the city. old town: from Piazza del Nettuno to Piazza del Popolo, up to Piazza Maggiore. Around the floats, the fruit of the privilege of the masters of origami, there will be a blaze of colour, music and masquerades with performances by folk and masked groups that will stage traditions old and new. Appointments will be February 5-21, Thursday February 16th, February 19th through Tuesday February 21st.

On Saturday, February 18th will take place Carnival of the nineteenth century With a procession and dances under the arcades of Via Santo Stefano and Via Farini departing at 3 pm from Piazza Carducci, while at 4 pm there will be the Ball of the XIX century in Piazza Meneghetti.

Carnivals 2023 around Bologna

Not just Bologna. Other equally magnificent carnivals are also celebrated in the vicinity of the city. This year the 149th edition of the Centennial Grand Prix will be organized Persicetan Carnival, known for its long carnival traditions (February 12-19). the carnival to Sento Parish Church, 30 km from Bologna, on February 5, 12 and 19. the Fantasy Cars Carnival to Imola It reaches its twenty-sixth edition. The parade of the original chariots will take place on February 19 from the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Circuit to Piazza Matteotti.

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For more information on the dates and programs of the respective carnivals, we recommend that you consult the website