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Shorts Festival begins in Trieste

Scientist short films and that from Virtual Reality Joined TriesteWhere the day begins يبدأ Shorts International Film Festival. The festival in the Julian capital is available online at my movies It takes you to an immersive and unique new world, where the latest technology meets cinematic art.

Virtual Reality Short Films at Trieste Shorts International Film Festival

Five days of high-quality short films in cinema house Trieste, where Free Offers subordinate 13 works in competition. Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi becomes a virtual room to experience virtual reality at its best. In fact, every station has a Mannequin and swivel chair It allows you to move around 360 degrees and enjoy virtual reality to the fullest.

This year presents the race 13 registered shorts in version mono or stereo. The two winning short films received an overall prize of €2,000 and a prize Ray Cinemas VR . channel Deserve 3.000,00 euros. This latest award also includes distribution of the short film to web channels and a three-year purchase contract for the web rights.

Virtual Reality_Odyssey 1.4.9 by François Vauthier's short films
Odyssey 1.4.9 by Francois Vauthier

Competing shorts are sold from all over the world: from the United States to China, from Iran to Australia, from Romania to Italy. Fictional stories and current issues: the best of virtual reality entertainment. Among the Italian works we point out About Davey: Revolution of Heroes (on the cover) by an award-winning documentary Claudio Casal. The short film also comes from Italy Free VR From Milad Tangshir, produced by Valentina Noya. then there Jiu Jia – Home From Hsu Chieh Yen from Taiwan, Hermann’s room From Antonio Liberera from Switzerland, Hominidae From Brian Andrews from the United States and Odyssey 1.4.9 From Francois Vauthier. and so on and so on.

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The demonstration starts today July 5 at 6.30 pm At the Casa del Cinema in Trieste. To book a viewing you must go to this is the address, while you can follow the event online at my movies, To the end July 9. An event not to be missed for fans of virtual reality and cinema.

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