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September booster courses, teachers will have no remuneration.  The bis support decree provides for this

September booster courses, teachers will have no remuneration. The bis support decree provides for this

There are no changes regarding the recovery from learning activities that will be implemented from 1 September. The text of the support decree has remained the same in this part, and therefore it will be the beginning of a hot school year for teachers.

The text of the subsidy decree bis that the government rejected last May, actually made the following reference in paragraph 1 of Article 58, letter C: “To provide that from September 1, 2021 until the start of lessons, potential inclusion and reinforcement of learning will be operationalized as a normal educational activity, without new or greater burdens on public finances“.

The technical report of the item highlights that the provision allows for the setting of the start date of lessons, in agreement with the regions, which takes into account the time appropriately allocated to the promotion of learning, for the benefit of students who have been negatively affected by the organization.

Since the order will, in any case, mark the start of lessons in September, without foreseeing this, there will be no new or even higher expenses for the school staff.

It should be noted that remedial activities are paid €50 (LYD) per hour as well as non-standard front-end teaching €35 (JD) per hour in accordance with the current National Collective Labor Agreement (Table 5 attached to CCNL 29/11/2007,
Effective under Section 1 of the Canadian Criminal Code 4/19/19).

It certifies that CCNL rewards these activities because, usually, they are added to the mandatory
Mostly carried out in conjunction with lessons.

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However, on suspension days, the restoration, integration and strengthening of learning are not added to the normal teaching activities.

Therefore, the relevant provision has the effect of canceling the compensation provided for the activities in question, if they are carried out between September 1, 2021 and the start of lessons.

I ignored the edits to change the rule

As we explained above, based on what is stated in the file The technical report of the support decree is duplicatedThe Ministry of Economy does not consider these activities as additional activities for teaching, and therefore they should not be paid.

In fact, amendments have been made to modify this rule: The suggestion was from the “An alternative exists” group.Which demanded to reward these educational activities, demanding the implementation of the national collective agreement in the part related to the additional salaries due to faculty members. Liu also suggested repealing this provision. But in the end, no action was taken to that effect.

Trade Unions: Contractual Intervention

Unions have already expressed their opposition to this rule precisely because it violates contractual rules: in fact, from September 1 until the beginning of lessons, the activities of teachers relate to the “functional” activities in the 40 + 40 hours stipulated in the contract and circulated by the teaching staff.

The rest should be considered as Additional and therefore paid activityBecause it is neither an educational activity that coincides with the beginning of lessons nor functional for them, so It cannot be considered a normal activity. For trade unions, this is a real interference with contractual rules.

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