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The chip crisis strikes again

The chip crisis strikes again

The chip crunch Jenny is another victim. To the already long list of manufacturers who have had to slow down or even stop production of their cars due to a shortage of semiconductors. Mazda. The Japanese actually announced that they had to cut production at two plants and, at the same time, revise their annual production estimates downward.

The There was a shortage of chips and semiconductors during the summer And despite all attempts to minimize its effects, it had a decisive negative impact on a sector already in severe crisis. Unleash Covid-19The semiconductor crisis has forced manufacturers such as FCA, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan and Tesla to close some production lines and further exacerbated the “health” of the economy and production sector, which has already been struggling since March 2020. The shutdown in the spring last year reduced Worldwide new car sales are almost down to zero: Now that numbers are back agonizingly back to 2019 levels, manufacturers have to deal with another adverse event.

As we mentioned at the beginning as well Mazda It adds to the list of manufacturers whose production is affected by the shortage of semiconductors. The Japanese manufacturer has announced that it will have to as of tomorrow Stop night shifts at two factories in Japan West for 10 days in the coming weeks. A similar decision could soon also affect factories in Malaysia, where a supplier was forced to cut deliveries because it was unable to find new components.

As has already happened with other car manufacturers, Mazda is also forced to 2021 delivery review down. According to figures released by the Japanese producer, compared to what was expected at the beginning of the year, this fiscal year will witness global production Downsizing 100,000 vehicles. Thus, a very noticeable contraction in production, which can only have negative effects on deliveries. One “side effect” of the microchip crisis, in fact, is Slowing new car deliveriesThey are actually ordered (and paid, in some cases) by customers, but are not available because there are no ingredients to make them.

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