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Turin July 20 |  Stilants

Turin July 20 | Stilants

Stellantis has begun the process of streamlining its staff in the Turin region. Soon there will be 800 workers in the group who will accompany towards the exodus, or as FIOM puts it, the real separation with incentives.

Paper and pen in hand Eddie Lazy and Ugo Bolognesi of FIOM Torinese did the math this morning – Tuesday 20 July. Today, in fact, an agreement was signed at the body shop in Mirafiori to stimulate the exit of 160 employees; Last week a mass migration agreement was signed for 100 workers from Grugliasco Maserati; In the next few days, iteration incentive measures will also be launched for mechanics, pistons and mold creation, all sectors located within Mirafiori, as well as in the former Teksid di Carmagnola and Tea di Grugliasco, which are always part of the Stellants group.

However, it does not end here, because at the beginning of September the agreement for employees of the central authorities will be finalized and signed which provides for 350 exits and one hundred entrances, for a net of 250 workers less. A plan agreed with the labor unions, but it does not bode well in perspective.

“It is a stimulating mass exodus meant to accompany retirement, but the fact remains that we are facing other job losses. It is as if he has suddenly closed a mid-size factory in an area that has only seen business endings in recent years. And job loss,” explain Eddie Lazy and Ugo Polonissi from FIOM.

“Stellantis is repeating in Italy the process it did in Germany when PSA acquired Opel and cut a third of its jobs,” the two continue, “at this point, new social safety nets will be needed, especially for related industries. Maintain income support tools to avoid Dry layoffs due to ongoing downsizing and reorganization.”

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Thus, Stellantis is reorganizing itself and that does not mean getting rid of Turin at any cost, but one thing seems clear according to FIOM: the induced, or that army of companies and workers working for Stellantis, will suffer another backlash that cannot be managed Only through social safety nets, but above all through a new project to relaunch the automobile sector in Turin.