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Seize power in 4 moves – Libero Quotidiano

Seize power in 4 moves – Libero Quotidiano

When we talk about “coups,” everyone thinks of a failed coup Wagner Group In Russia. The truth is that even in a parliamentary democracy, there are ways that are far less dramatic and bloody Overthrow of a government Duly elected, all perfectly “legal”.

In his editorial on free On newsstands today, Director Mario Sischi He describes the “four steps” needed to seize power, and the fact that there is a center-right majority in Chigi’s palace that favors, so to speak, “the climate.”

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We must remember that “money never sleeps,” as the legendary Gordon Gekko reiterated Wall Street. Follow the money, guys Investors, the maneuvers of those who have an interest in downgrading the rating. Second: there is alwaysExternal enemy“Whoever has an interest, for geopolitical reasons, in destabilizing a government, a country, or an entire region.

Creeping coup: Zecce, the dirty game of the left and the EU against the government |  video

Third “Internal tensionsexploited by the “external enemy”. In short, the arena is always manoeuvrable. Finally, “Bureaucrats“, the real wielders of hidden power, the gray machine of the state.

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