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Bread Warning: Contains alcohol.  What you need to know and what the risks are for adults and children

Bread Warning: Contains alcohol. What you need to know and what the risks are for adults and children

New research has shown that bread contains alcohol and can therefore pose a danger to adults and children. this is the truth.

Bread is a popular and versatile food: it can be eaten alone or with different dishes. Among the most popular types of bread are pan boletto and loaf bread, which is used to prepare toasted bread and to make tomato sauce or stuffed as sandwiches or appetizers.

Can ethanol in bread be harmful to human health? –

Although they are good and go with everything, there is a problem that they are treated with ethyl alcohol (also known as ethanol), which can be harmful to the health of adults and children.

Can ethyl alcohol in bread be harmful?

You’ve probably read the phrase “treated with ethyl alcohol” on the label of a loaf of bread or loaf pan many times. But even those who don’t usually check labels will notice the special scent released when you open a package of one of these foods: It is exactly the characteristic smell of alcohol.

Why does bread contain ethyl alcohol? –

Ethyl alcohol has two very specific purposes: It is used to avoid the spread of mold And for We always guarantee soft, moist and ready-to-use slices. However, anyone wondering whether this substance is harmful to health can rest assured: the quantity and quality of ethyl alcohol used in these products does not pose a risk to human health.

In fact, in a Paulito pan there is an amount of ethyl alcohol that does not exceed 2% of the total weight expressed in dry quality. In addition to It is used on the surface only and not in bread dough. Ethanol is a food alcohol and this makes it harmless if present in low quantities. It may happen that, several days after opening the product or if it has not been stored correctly, mold appears on the bread: this means that the ethanol has lost its antimicrobial properties and the food can obviously not be consumed.

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That’s it It is important to store the bolito tray and the packaged bread in the most appropriate way That is, leave it in its original, tightly closed container, so that no air enters it. It must then be stored in cool, dry places, away from sources of light and heat. If they are homemade products, they can be stored wrapped in plastic wrap or in a paper bag and consumed within 3 days. Instead, avoid the refrigerator as the low temperature will make the bread hard before its time.