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Savings, Giacomoni (Fi): Investing in the real economy to overcome the crisis

Savings, Giacomoni (Fi): Investing in the real economy to overcome the crisis

Savings, if encouraged and directed towards the real economy, can be “our best ally in the economic, financial and social development of Italy”. This is the view expressed in a note by the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee on Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Sestino Giacomoni.

Why invest in the real economy?

For savings to become “our real oil”, Italians must be educated and encouraged to become “contributors to their future”. How do you do? We need to make them aware of the importance of investing a portion of their savings in the real economy, explains our respected member of Forza Italia. Specifically, by investing in the real economy, savers not only protect their savings from the “6.5% hidden tax of inflation” but in the medium term they can also obtain returns above current rates, thus contributing to the strengthening of the Italian productive fabric. And the whole country system, Giacomoni adds.

savings protection

All that remains is for us to follow in the footsteps of the Forming Fathers who “with great foresight” included the protection of savings in Article 47 of the Charter, precisely with a view to defending collective savings as a “moving force for the development of the country”. Today it is necessary to follow this path, as the Italian delegate asserts, to ensure that the savings “allow Italy to come out of this crisis stronger than before”. (All rights reserved)

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