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Sassari, a new green neighborhood located between Via Nini and the La Nuova Sardinia building

Sassari, a new green neighborhood located between Via Nini and the La Nuova Sardinia building

Sassari new The “green” neighborhood. Ready to rise in the heart of uptown. After a complex and long process, the final green light has arrived for the urban implementation plan for the C3a sub-zone Dry greenhouseapprox. batch 5 hectares Along part of Via Nene Which flows behind and touches PalaSerradimigni Via Paolo Gallery.

space Very high quality Immersed in the peri-urban area of ​​the olive grove crown where remaining agricultural functions still coexist with large-scale urban buildings. In recent days, the last green disk appeared, which the owners had been waiting for 34 pieces Since the municipality finally adopted the zoning plan in December 2019: Services Conference related to the initial urbanization works to be borne by the sector. Works that will begin soon, which will be followed by the construction of the small neighborhood.

Quantities (approx 22 thousand cubic meters) which will be created by “stitching” the large patch of remaining green space in which the only urbanization works are located along the Via Nene road with sub-services related to urban sanitation, water supply network, public lighting system and communications network. Then the Enel cabin and eight single-family buildings, to which there is no access, despite the stretch of road that emerges at them. Mount Bianchino It is also frequented by pedestrians, and there are no sidewalks. The 34 plots range in size from a minimum of approximately 330 square meters (can accommodate a single-family villa) to a maximum of 960 square meters (two-family type)

There too Large plot of land with an area of ​​2627 square metres Designed for multi-family housing. The maximum building height will be 7.50 meters and the coverage rate will be 50%. Total plot 34, with a land area of ​​approximately 4.05 m3/m2, is designated for housingPublic housing construction Its total volume is 9,790 cubic meters, divided into several buildings with two levels in height plus an upper floor, with a coverage rate of 60%.

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The idea is to create Environmentally sustainable neighborhood A new generation in which the environmental program and its technological contents are integrated into a green urban architecture project, with a series of guidelines that become technical standards for the implementation of the plan itself. Sustainability of environmental cycles in the urban environment will be concerned with the energy cycle, the topic of consumption reduction and “distributed” production of energy from renewable sources, the water cycle affecting soil permeability, rainwater recycling and hydraulic stability. And again the carbon dioxide cycle with the theme of green buildings, the material cycle and green spaces. All the buildings, characterized in the designers’ (indicative) renderings by very clean lines and a ‘Nordic’ style, will have characteristics Energy buildings are nearly zero,High-performance buildings, with very low energy needs that are partially or completely covered by renewable energy sources.

The design strategy includes the use of passive building concepts that strongly reduce energy demand through high insulation, heat recovery from fresh air, and protection from sunlight, then covering the remaining energy needs with renewable energy sources. All with Significant reduction in consumption and energy bills, better living comfort because the efficient building envelope reduces internal temperature fluctuations and environmental sustainability as a building that consumes zero or almost no energy. The initial urbanization work planned within the sector will be carried out at the expense of the property, deducting the fees to be paid to the municipality as shown in the agreement plan.

Initial/final project for Initial urbanization works Concerns: Mobility system composed of roads, rest areas, sidewalks, bicycle paths and green street spaces (linear flower beds). As well as the water supply network, sewage network, public lighting network, electricity distribution network, and communications and data networks.

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The surrounding roads will be illuminated LED systems Which, in addition to ensuring significant energy savings and the absence of light pollution, ensures a long life and minimal maintenance.