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Bills, ranking the areas where people spend the most on phones

Bills, ranking the areas where people spend the most on phones

How much do phone calls cost in Italy? Basilicata, Liguria, Lombardy and Veneto are the most “virtuous” Italian regions to spend on Landline phone Which was given an overall rating of AAA. This was determined by the exclusive classification developed for Adnkronos by the Fondazione Gazzetta Administrativa della Repubblica Italiana, within the “Pitagora” project that studies the costs incurred in 2022 by regions and provincial capitals. Here are all the numbers.

Analysis and evaluation

The research center of the Fondazione Gazzetta Administrativa della Repubblica Italiana examined the official financial statements of Public entities. The study was conducted using scientific research algorithms with the aim of identifying potential waste in public finances. The analyzed expenditures are compared with the reference standard, based on the identified degrees of deviation. “Positive performance” is defined if expenditures are equal to or below the average, “slight deviation” if costs are between the average expenditure and 30% more, or “large deviation” when expenditures are between a slight deviation and 100% more. Finally, we will talk about “out of control spending” when spending exceeds average spending by more than 100%. The rating provided is based solely on objective accounting data which does not include any judgmental evaluation. The best performance is indicated by the triple letter A and the worst is indicated by the letter C.


The three most important regionsVirtuousBasilicata spent 9,320.96 euros, Liguria spent 34,454.80, Lombardy spent 114,811.34 and Veneto spent 117,862.11. Spending on fixed telephones with general classification from A to AA includes Marche, Calabria, Tuscany and Piedmont, which spend respectively 87,297.52 and 107,239.5. 5, 121,035.68 and 150,385.00 euros which You get double A. With only one A are Umbria (106,590.42) and Sicily (566,254.5) 7). Instead we find Campania with BBB (1,094,650.55 euros); with BBB Emilia Romagna (1,478,029.36), with BB Lazio (3,037,239.98). Data from Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia are not comparable, according to the study.

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