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Livorno captures the Gdf 134 Mickey Mouse: “Not only made in Italy, they are made in Morocco.”  Stellandis admits to “trickery.”

Livorno captures the Gdf 134 Mickey Mouse: “Not only made in Italy, they are made in Morocco.” Stellandis admits to “trickery.”

The Financial Police and the Customs and Monopolies Agency seized 119 Fiat Topolinos and 15 Fiat Topolino Turtlenecks from Morocco on Wednesday, May 15. The newspaper reported Tyrrhenian. In fact, electric vehicles that could even be driven by 14-year-olds had stickers with the Italian flag on the doors, which is why Fiam Gial players and state officials challenged Stellandis for the wrong sign. Origin of the product. “They don’t Made in Italy But it was manufactured in Morocco and arrived in Livorno on a cargo ship”, the reason for the seizure. The Italian-French company itself intervened in the incident, announcing through a spokesperson that “it has been decided to intervene in the seized vehicles by removing small stickers subject to the authorization of the authorities”.

According to the Stellantis report, the sticker “had the sole purpose of indicating the entrepreneurial origin of the product – the spokesperson explains – in fact, the design of the new Topolino, which has been Fiat’s historic car since 1936, was designed and created in Turin by a team of experts from the Fiat Style Center of the Italian company Stellantis Europe SpA. Also, – He continues – the company has always been clear in announcing that the new model is made in Morocco. Therefore, we believe that we have acted in full compliance with the regulations by communicating transparently with the country of manufacture of the Topolinos, without the intention of deceiving consumers”. The alleged crime is the sale of industrial products with false identities, for which the Livorno-based newspaper underlines, the Stellantis Europa lawyer is under investigation. According to the investigators, the tricolor flags on the doors were considered “misleading signs to end consumers”. The machines are now in judicial storage at Leonardo DaVinci Terminals and dock workers’ company Silb.

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