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Coca-Cola, pour some into the engine if it has this problem |  Solve the problem for less than 1 euro

Coca-Cola, pour some into the engine if it has this problem | Solve the problem for less than 1 euro

Very often, the engines of our cars throw a tantrum and, as they say in jargon, “break down”: at that moment, many motorists begin to panic, and it is almost inevitable that they become paralyzed and do nothing but call for help.

The first thing that comes to my mind, and still a wise choice, is to always turn to the gods Professionals: Call a mechanical, Maybe from trust, To give us one to hand in. or?

Obviously an experienced hand can always be a foundational support, And that awareness of one’s limitations in relation to one’s drive is, at times, also synonymous with maturity and a sense of ability. responsible from Who drives?

How is that? basic. It’s always better to be able to do that Avoids the worst Or put your hands where you don’t know what, to do you don’t know what, and you might end up making things worse. Even if there are some Alternatives. any?

For some problems, especially if there is a certain level of attention on the part of the driver knowledge From mechanics and engines, it is possible to choose some interesting Operations Pure do it yourself. Choices Which could be many Be careful.

Car breakdown, do it yourself: Use Coca-Cola

What’s more, a lot of it Economical. Yes, because on some occasions, just a few pennies, a few cents, or maybe less than a euro, can be enough to solve a problem. problem Which may seem to us insurmountable. It also happens, incredibly, when you choose to use one Coca Cola pFor a specific repair. That’s right, you read that correctly: Coca-Cola. Which literally comes Poured into the engine to dissolve it to fail.

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Repair that costs less than a euro sometimes, use Soda maybe more NB And appreciated in the world. Already known for their corrosion capabilities (there are various examples of this on the web), is Coca Cola also a mechanic? Some may not believe it but it seems so. Many professionals have featured on the web and on social media video Where they pour Coca-Cola on it By injection.


Coca-Cola in the engine: does it work or not?

In the videos, experts say that Coca-Cola can be used to clean various purposes Deposits And leftovers carbon They have by injection, They swear it really works. There are some videos online that demonstrate this.

Or rather, videos will show Coca-Cola spills: The fact that you can find yourself with carbon deposits in the injectors is well known. Will you pour us a Coke?