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Sasa falls in love, and Guido and Mariela are tired of him


Country events and stories Alberto Palladini (Maurizio Aiello) before the court a Place in the sun On the more dramatic side, while “lighter” intrigues see the young woman in the center of the scene recently Amal Al-Thieri (Mariasole Di Maio), who, as you have seen, has such an accusation of witchcraft for “subjugating” more than one soapy character.

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But in all of this, we are now on the verge of re-entering the passion of love Salvatore Cerruti (Cosimo Alberti). Between Sasa and Bruno Sarti (Giovanni Caso) – You know – the relationship seems to be over after the brawl we witnessed not long ago, but the nice cop took the whole thing badly and didn’t forget before …

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The truth is, Salvatore’s fears have also become torment Guido (Germano Belavia) H. Mariela (Antonella Brisco), who are constantly participating in Cerruti revolutions, to the point that the lives of the two are nearly impossible! How do you fix it?

The “turning point” will come this weekend, when a tired Guido takes over and confronts Dr. Sarti directly and asks him what he plans to do with Sasa.

The doctor’s response can be very frightening, so will it end here? What is certain is that Del Bue’s husbands will at least try to restore peace between Salvatore and his sister Being (Lara Sanson), after the last intervention that Sasa never forgave … to stay updated on this topic, Follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking on the button marked with an asterisk.

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