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Samsung announces Circle and Search features on the S24 – an amazing utility

Samsung announces Circle and Search features on the S24 – an amazing utility

The new Samsung S24 marks a turning point for the tech giant, and the brand-new Circle and Search function is just the beginning.

A post on the official Google blog announced what to consider One of the most important partnerships in the coming years: Samsung. But the Korean giant also has its own interesting announcement regarding the planned new functions S24.

Samsung S24 with Google takes a leap into the future (

It is very likely that you have already seen some commercials for this new function but it is a good idea to go and have a look in detail What it is and how it integrates with new services with the power of artificial intelligence that Samsung borrows from Google Gemini.

Gemini has already spoken a lot about itself when it was introduced for various reasons. It's about to New artificial intelligence system Which Google has been working on for some time and which should outperform the competition in terms of responsiveness and the ability to deliver exactly what they are looking for to users. And also with Circle and searchthe new functionality introduced for the Galaxy S24, at least half of the credit goes to the giant with the G.

Samsung and Google closer than ever, S24 turning point

Artificial intelligence is destined to infiltrate more and more forcefully into everyday life. Beyond voice assistants and services Generative intelligencethere are all other services that could be improved if they were accompanied by something capable of interpreting what a human is requesting and Give him the answer. The new circle and search function that was introduced as future in the Samsung Galaxy S24 is One of Google's new features It's meant to do what Google Lens does with a camera: hand over Answers to questions asked in real time.

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Google brings artificial intelligence to the Samsung S24
Google's artificial intelligence beats the heart of the Samsung S24 phone (Image: YouTube/Google –

Google's new Circle and Search feature enables Know what you want to put into the image Conducts specific research. But if it appears in the commercials that Google is able to recognize part of an image, what is even more interesting is what was described in the post that Google appears to be making official the special relationship it has with Samsung.

In this post, also available in Italian for this occasion, we go into detail about the concept of circle and search for the Samsung S24: Android will not only be able to recognize a part of a circled image; Text recognition Starting from real estate photos or Videos on YouTube.

To ensure that the search is not limited to a single entry, Google has also introduced Multiple search Which allows you to search for something on the screen and then Add a question In text form for that image for a specific answer and not general information. And for those who still missed it diary is android, What Google calls Photomoji: an emoji created from a photograph has been announced.