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Immortality is also available today for PS5

Immortality is also available today for PS5

available Version starts today PS5 to immortality, Sam Barlow's latest masterpiece, is already available for PC, Xbox, and mobile systems. For those who don't know, it's a cinematic adventure in which you have to reconstruct three films starring actress Marissa Marcil, all of which have never been released in cinemas before. What happened? Why does every movie starring her seem cursed? Why did it disappear after the 1970 movie and reappear in 1999 without the years claiming anything? This and many other mysteries await PlayStation players in this exciting and evocative detective title.

Great adventure

The PS5 version of Immortality costs €19.99 and can be purchased from PlayStation Store. The game is only dubbed in English, but has Italian subtitles.

In our review of Immortality, regarding the PC version, we wrote: “Immortality is a masterpiece capable of engaging and shocking the player at more than one moment. It is a powerful video game, full of surprises and interesting themes, capable of turning itself upside down in just this moment.” To pull you into a positive, successful spiral of research and discovery that engages your mind and emotions.”

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