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Palworld: Nearly $200 million in revenue on Steam, according to Geoff Keighley

Palworld: Nearly $200 million in revenue on Steam, according to Geoff Keighley

As you will know, In the world It sold more than seven million copies in four days. Starting from this data, Geoff Keighley, journalist and organizer of The Game Awards, calculated that by now the Pocketpair title should have produced around 1$89 million in revenue Just for you steam.

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The number itself is not correct, but to understand Pocketpair's actual revenue, we need to remove the share owed to Steam and the share owed to Epic Games.

Now, Steam requires 30% of each copy sold, which becomes 25% for games with revenues exceeding $10 million and 20% for games with revenues exceeding $50 million. In the case of Palworld, the shop Gabe Newell It will only take 20%, or about $37.8 million.

What does Epic Games have to do with it? You might be wondering. Easy: Palworld was developed using Unreal Engine 5. The engine is accessible for free, but requires a 5% fee when revenue exceeds $1 million, which equates to $9,450,000.

Doing the quick math, with seven million copies sold, Palworld would have already made $141,750,000 on Steam, which would then be deducted from taxes and other expenses (the amount of which we can't figure out).

Naturally, the game's overall revenue will be much higher, given sales on Xbox, agreements with Microsoft for presence on Game Pass and other revenue sources, which usually double in cases of similar success.

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