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Helldivers 2 banned in three more European countries: CEO explains what’s happening

Helldivers 2 banned in three more European countries: CEO explains what’s happening

New information arrives about the chaotic administration of Helldivers 2 for PC. After Sony announced and then backed away from its commitment to linking a PSN account to the PC version of the shooter, the game was removed from approximately 180 countries where PSN is not supported. Valve has already made it clear that the removal is Sony’s choice. The problem is that others now Three countries -It was Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Included in the list of countries where the game is banned. What happens? The CEO of Arrowhead – the developer of Helldivers 2 – shared more details, saying that this is an “administrative bug fix” by Valve to meet Sony’s requests.

It may seem like this Arrowhead’s CEO was stunned Who wrote on Helldivers 2 Discord: “We have no idea what’s going on. Most of the developers are on vacation and we just found out through the community.”

Arrowhead CEO explained

Helldivers 2 doesn’t have a good time on PC

Bilstedt then went to investigate and returned with the following message. This is a correction of an administrative error: [i tre Paesi baltici] They should have been part of the original constraint e [la loro assenza] Observed when the restriction was set to [Ghost of] Tsushima” (which we recall was recently banned on Steam in over 200 countries that do not have access to PSN). The Arrowhead CEO goes on to say that “this was observed and implemented independently by Valve.”

Let’s be clear, Valve only follows Sony’s orders Regarding the places where the game should be (un)available. This appears to have been confirmed by a recent Steam support post in response to a Helldivers 2 refund request from a player. Explaining why the refund request was denied, Valve’s Steam support representative wrote, “This game appears to be unavailable on Steam at this time for select regions, as determined by the publisher.”

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So, as Billstedt sums up, “Even if it doesn’t look good. This is not an indication of further restrictions“.