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Romano Prodi: Mine's not an attack on Schlein, but it's better not to have a name on the symbol

Romano Prodi: Mine's not an attack on Schlein, but it's better not to have a name on the symbol

OffMarco Accion

According to the professor, it would be wrong to compete for Europe and not go there if elected. Also: The secretary did not advise him of his choice

They say he didn't understand the irony in his claims: “How could he do different things after saying the same thing for months? That is, to compete for Europe and not take the place is a betrayal of the agreement made with the electorate? Could Ellie Schlein have avoided answering the question because she announced her candidacy?”.

From home through Jerusalem, in Bologna, and we must carefully weigh the words that jump. Romano Prodi reconnects with particular attention to semantics when dealing with the small circle. Meanwhile, he says he should say what he thinks because “everyone knows his priorities,” according to those who have spoken to him. Despite having “a particular affection for that party,” he denies being a consultant. “An appeal to the principles that inspire all party leaders,” he dismisses as an attack instead. Not only Schlein, but also Meloni, Tajani and others who took the same step. “While the right to all is forgiven, the Democratic Party must lead by example and condemn the weakening of democracy, honoring certain canons, not running away.” So “Secretary name not in symbol” is good.

It is widely known that there has been no recent communication with Dem representatives regarding the selection of a secretary. There was no phone call from Nazarene the day before the clash to warn him that Schlein would announce his candidacy for Strasbourg, “however, despite Brody's words”. A cautionary move that presumably softened Brodean's tone. But it is a revealing account of the dynamics of the relationship between Schlein and the founder. Or the PD leadership took the saber strike into account as a duty that was now inevitable. Or, perhaps hoping to emerge unscathed, those who decided on the line demonstrated the dogged consistency of Ulivo's founder – some might not even define it as doggedness or punctiliousness. He who went straight to meet his fate when he came to vote, and so drowned, His government was in parliament in 1998 and 2008. “Because those elected by the people decide”. Imagine if the Secretary had given up on confirming his opinion as he publicly exposed it.

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On the other hand, we now know that the story of the bond between Romano and Ellie was initially misreported as common sightings. Support for good behavior and full consent. A difference of opinion is the truest form of relationship. Not only did the former prime minister vote for Bonacini in the primaries (which he never declared), but also for Brodie's philosophical approach. For example, he has long been pushing for a plan to put people's problems on their heads, “perhaps through conferences in the cities.” When Brody was asked recently for his opinion of the secretary, he replied: “He's in a very difficult situation to find a leader. It's going to take time to untangle complex issues.” No full-scale advertising. Now the “complex issues” come to a head.

But the professor's predilection for speaking his mind was also judged as a sign of imbalance. An old man giving advice to the young is not always welcome. or requested. Or the orphaned party searching for its father, finding no one else, and always returning to him: Brodie. Those who have begun to list these advices little by little have mischievously noted that they have become more frequent or obvious lately. In particular, the curtain has fallen on the Quirinale, with the former Prime Minister and President of the EU Commission categorically abandoning any political games. “If they ask me, I will answer. I am not a father, but a grandfather who can give affection, not influence and command.” Up to a certain point.

April 23, 2024 (Edited April 23, 2024 | 08:19)

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