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Biazapulita, Brodie Without Mercy on Schlein: “Immoral Truth,” another broad piece

Biazapulita, Brodie Without Mercy on Schlein: “Immoral Truth,” another broad piece

Ellie Schlein After a scathing critique of the noble father of the Italian centre-left, Romano ProdiChairman’s name in PT symbol (later disappeared) and in his direct nomination Europeans He read it back: “I always listen to him, he’s always a point of reference. We always disagree, it’s better to be open than to pretend to agree and backstab. Done in the party” . The president of Ulivo, speaking at the Repubblica event, left no room for interpretation: “I reason on the basis of common sense, because in this way the voters are asking to give their votes to a person who, if he wins, will certainly not go to Brussels. These are the things I Wounds of Democracy Digging a hole.”

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Heavy words like boulders that Brody reiterated on Thursday, May 2 A clean sweepHosted the show Corrado Formicelli In La7. Schlein’s name on the logo “doesn’t shock me,” says Brody. It should be said that the idea started by Stefano Bonacini He saw inside Pd Strong resistance. There was only one precedent Walter VeltroniAnd previously Brody himself but on the Democrats’ listDonkey

As the name fades from the symbol, it remains on the nomination Schlein tops the list in the center and in the islands An MEP will not be between Brussels and Strasbourg. “Instead, a candidacy that does not cover one’s chosen role is a Amoral truth“, was Brody’s broadside. “I considered it so. I may be old fashioned but this is my belief,” he says.

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