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Snow, low elevation, will fall in affected areas from Tuesday onwards

Snow, low elevation, will fall in affected areas from Tuesday onwards

It will snow in the next few days

As we expected it started snowing again Almost on the plains (300 meters above sea level) In the Ligurian interior, Piedmont (Cuneo, Monferrato, Lange, Turin valleys) and western Emilia.

Technically, these are called sudden snowfalls Heavy snowfall (Transfer of cold from high altitudes towards land induced by heavy rains) and especially for those who love cold and snow, one of the most exciting events, characterized by very wet and heavy scales, large dimensions, rather visual, but because of the strong intensity that often causes rapid accumulations, more problems for transportation can cause
We have beautiful live images of webcams A strange landscape Wrapped in soft white cloth. Feels like we're back in the middle of winter!

Live webcam from the Northern Apennines
The Neve It will decrease over time Monday, April 22 From 400 m in the Alps and Prealps Tall and over a good portionNorthern Apennines (from 500 m).

It doesn't end here: In the next few days the weather will be unstable, sometimes it will be cold, in the north there is a risk of new snowfall starting from 600/800 meters above sea level: everything depends on the intensity of the rain. . Above 1000 meters above sea level, around 40-50 cm over the weekend, especially in the central-eastern Alps.

Areas at risk of snow (indicated in pink) and height at which flakes fall
It is for all intents and purposes A A significant weather event Assuming we are now at the end of April.
In recent years we are seeing more and more of a scene Climate radicalization Between these important figures in the atmosphere the differences between the different air masses (ice from the North Pole, heat rising from Africa) in the middle of the battlefield with Italy are at play due to the high energy force at play.

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