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Recommendation on CDM prosecution and guest restrictions and vaccination obligations for all state officials

Recommendation on CDM prosecution and guest restrictions and vaccination obligations for all state officials

In Palazzo Chiki they feared a river cabinet, with a resurgence of traditional conflict between those who theorized the doctrine of austerity and those who argued that the principle of prudence should still be compromised with the need not to block the country. Instead, the group came to an hour-long meeting on new anti-Govt measures known as the Festive Order. It recorded distant positions after a meeting between the morning control room and the afternoon Draghi and the majority leaders of the delegation. Especially on two issues: the vaccine duty for public administration employees and the pressing of a company at parties in private homes in view of New Year’s Eve. At both ends, the parties marched in the usual manner: BT and Liu were in favor of a tight line, while Lega and Forza Italia were more cautious (similar to Minister Brunetta in favor of duty), choosing the M5s medium route. . In fact, if Francisco and Speranza insist on speeding up controls, Krillino Pattuvanelli asks in the control room to “complement the response” because “the problem is subtle”. The ministers of the League are clearly opposed without raising the tone. The people of Forza Italia are also very confused. Both Carroccio and Azzurri consider that the actions approved in the Festivity Ordinance yesterday will suffice: the new rules for the green pass, the obligation of outdoor masks on the white area and Ffp2 for large events and traffic routes, the ban on outdoor parties and the closure of discos.

Moreover, the vaccine duty for public administration employees is complex and presents many risks. Francisini was supportive and optimistic. But Giorgi lived on at this point, fearing the risk of potential claims for compensation – rightly or wrongly – by those claiming that there were any problems following the vaccination. In short, from an economic point of view, this move could have costly consequences for government treasures. So, in the end, Brunetta agreed, and decided to postpone the question to the beginning of January, which reflects the public and private work world as a whole.

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In this comparison, Drake chooses a path of wisdom and tries to summarize the different levels. Even when addressing the potential roof at private parties. With the discos closed and there being no evenings in the square to celebrate the New Year, it is clear that people will be pouring into private homes on the evening of December 31st. Francisco and Speranza are in a tough position and support the need to follow the example of other EU countries such as Spain. However, the ministers of Lega and Forza Italia express more than one confusion: after vaccinations, reinforced green bass and tampons – which are a legitimate reason – and the risks of imposing restrictions are not understood. In the end, Premier embraces this line, reinforced by the first official data on intensive care from the UK: they confirm that the Omigran variant is highly contagious, but suggest that it is not particularly aggressive.

The decision of Drake and the Council of Ministers – which is still unanimously pronounced – is actually causing a stir in the Ministry of Health, where Speranza’s advisers are clearly harsh and do not share the coordinator’s opinion. Cts Locatelli’s approach and actions taken are considered very lenient.

The last chapter is communication. Giorgitti points to the invasion of virologists at talk shows and hopes to be “cautious,” while Gelmini insists on how to convey non-warning messages that are consistent with what has been said in recent months about vaccines and green passes. Otherwise “people will not understand”.