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The record-breaking December in the United States continues

The record-breaking December in the United States continues

That frightening night Devastated the Midwestern United States It holds the record for most hurricanes to form in a single day (61 confirmed) in the United States between December 10 and 11. A tragic record, which lasted very little: five days after the new wave of bad weather hit the Cornbelt States, especially in the Iowa area and topped the rankings. To certify it Last report U.S. National Weather Service: December 15, 2021, with more than 90 hurricanes, representing the highest number of hurricanes recorded in a single day across the United States, and the largest number of EF2 Force tornadoes (i.e. roofs and small buildings) in the last 70 years. All of this, due to a rare weather event called “Terego”, was first recorded in the region and is the only event that occurred in the United States in December.

What is it about? The word, apparently, came from Spanish, and means “straight.” In fact, this is the characteristic of Weather Terrego: a very long storm that lasts for hours and usually develops in a linear front. Inside, thunderstorms and hurricanes can form, which often cause hurricanes. On the night of the 15th, only 43 were confirmed in the state of Iowa, 17 of which were classified as Ef2 (1 higher than the previous U.S. record, recorded on 7 June 1984).

Derechos are relatively rare cases. The corn belt from Minnesota to Iowa is common in the United States, but they are largely unknown during the winter months: they usually attack in late spring and summer, when temperatures are high from May to August. Create the right conditions for the summer storm.

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Extremely cold winter months in these parts of the United States Were due On the night of December 10, a hurricane killed 90 people in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. Another record number, which unfortunately represents the highest number of victims of a hurricane in the United States in December. After the disaster, damage is suspected Caused by two “super hurricanes” of the EF4 class, With winds of up to 267 kilometers per hour, can uproot trees, demolish buildings and derail trains. The rarest event to date, 21 hurricanes of this type in the last 70 (and EF5, the most devastating of all) hit the United States during the winter months.