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Govt re-infection 8.4%.  Loneliness is a positive - health

Govt re-infection 8.4%. Loneliness is a positive – health

Govt infections are still on the rise in Italy: in seven days they have risen to 8.4%, up from 7.5% in the previous week, with the high risk of being vaccinated, women and young people. Although the numbers do not reflect true infections, the race for new positives for Sars-CoV-2 continues. In fact, at this stage, characterized by the circulation of the most contagious variants, “there is a sharp increase in unreported cases”, due to less diagnosis or ‘self-diagnosis’, says the Institute of Higher Health.

However, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said any amendments to the measures were “not on the agenda”. But it also seals the debate over the isolation of positives. The head of health says people with infections should “stay home”. According to the daily Govt Bulletin, it has risen to 703,479 in the last 24 hours, an increase of 25,301. So the challenge of personal responsibility and the “constantly recommended in some cases” masks, “should be used in all cases where there is danger,” says Speranza. The use of masks in the workplace is expected with regard to the deadline of June 30th. A technical meeting is scheduled for Monday 27th between the Ministries of Labor and Health and Inail to review updates on the anti-Govt protocol.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, there were 56,386 new cases (55,829 yesterday), according to a bulletin by the Ministry of Health; 40 victims (yesterday 51), 168,058 deaths from the onset of the epidemic; A total of 258,456 swaps were made, including antigenic and molecular, with a positive ratio of 21.8%, up from 23.4% yesterday. Intensive care remained stable, while normal hospitals increased (+137). Infections are on the rise, but Pierpolo Celeri, undersecretary of health, explains, “The wave will last for a few weeks and then go away as it already does in other countries where it has already arrived.” Today, Celeri says, the situation is “completely different from last year. We have about 50 million Italians who have completed the vaccination cycle, 40 million of them with a third dose”.

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