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Raggi: "Let's open the Olympics to the Italian final."  But there is no to sports and health

Raggi: “Let’s open the Olympics to the Italian final.” But there is no to sports and health

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In light of the big match of the Azzurri, grillina fired the Olympic hypothesis. But there are conflicting opinions. conservative support

Gianluca de Rosa

The mayor’s suggestion: Sunday is open to watch the Azzurri match from the big screens. The body that applies the brakes of the system: can not be done

The European Championship final will remain at Wembley, like yesterday’s semi-final, which Spain won by heart rate.

Concerns about the delta variant and the spread of infection again in the UK for weeks have raised fears that matches could be postponed. The main facility nominated to replace the London Circuit was the Olympic Stadium in Rome. In the end it will not be so.

But it is not excluded that Italian fans will find themselves at Olympique to support the national team. The proposal was put forward this morning by the mayor of the capital Virginia Raggi On the sidelines of an event: “I am in contact with Governor Matteo Bentidosi because we are assessing whether the Olympic Stadium will be opened, always within 20 per cent of the audience, to watch the Euro 2020 final. Right, for the Romans there will be an opportunity to watch the Italy match in the stadium. ”

The idea of ​​opening the Olympique to the public to see the Azzurri on Maxi screens, however, does not appeal to Sport e Salute, the owner of the facility. President Vito Cozzoli, who also attended the event with the mayor, did not give a public or private answer to the hypothesis, but the idea does not convince him.

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The stadium is currently still leased to UEFA, which frees it from offices, media centers and other structures set up for the Euro 2020 matches being held in Rome. Moreover, without a normal match ticket for access control, it will be necessary to issue free tickets, But above all, it seems difficult to be able to use the stadium screens to broadcast the match. Instead, a large screen should be set up on one of the curves, reducing the number of seats (which at 16 thousand, 20 percent of factory capacity).

However, the idea of ​​a stadium is not considered alien even in the province: it could be an effective solution for public order. If Sport e Salute eventually agrees to Raggi’s request, the proposal will be discussed on Thursday afternoon at Palazzo Valentini during the Safety and Public Order Committee held in view of the match.

Currently in Rome there are no changes to the organization of the previous matches, with two large screens in the fan zone, in Piazza del Popolo and in the Imperial Forums, with limited access by reservation up to a thousand people. Too few for the hoped-for final and his capture at the last minute.

This is why Virginia Raggi wanted to open Circus Maximus to the Romans (In 2012 for the final lost to Spain came more than 100 thousand people), but the area is currently occupied by the theater and the amphitheaters that the Opera House built for the summer season. Moreover, it will be very difficult to control access to the area. Precisely for this reason, a stadium can represent an ideal solution with turnstile controls.

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