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New stand for Nottingham Stadium - Sport & Imperiale

New stand for Nottingham Stadium – Sport & Imperiale

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in stage Nottingham Forest Club, The football club from Nottingham, Great Britain, the main amphitheater will soon be redeveloped.

The expansion and redevelopment project was approved in July by Rushcliffe County Council, Nottinghamshire. The President of the Council, Simon Robinson, spoke about the cooperation with the sports club, saying: “Both parties are committed to pushing the project forward and ensuring the best for the club and the city“.

Enthusiasm and positivity also on the part of the sports club, which was a matter of achieving an important goal in the process of redevelopment of the city’s historic site, at the end of three years of work focused on this project: “The decision now opens the door to a careful discussion with partners on how to continue development and expansion“.

According to the club’s main board of directors, the redevelopment and expansion of the main stand is an essential project to maintain the company in the Premier League, as well as ensuring a full range of benefits to the community and the local economy.

Nottingham Forest Stadium: Expansion Project

The Nottingham Forest Clubwhich was promoted to the Premier League in May this year, has played on the city’s soil since 1898 – the stadium has not undergone any expansion in the past 25 years.

expansion project Nottingham Forest Club Stadium It plans to increase the capacity from 30,000 to 38,000 seats by working on the main amphitheater at an expected cost of 94 million pounds.

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Architecture firm Benoy has partnered with Nottingham Forest to redevelop the stadium, which will become the largest in the East Midlands.

The project includes the Peter Taylor Grandstand building with world-class player facilities, hospitality facilities, multiple suites and dining options.

Designed to be a high-level stadium, the new Nottingham Stadium It will have 10,000 seats on three levels, under a stunning cantilevered roof. The building houses state-of-the-art facilities for players and hospitality suites to accommodate different groups of fans and fans other than football.

A new riverside housing development is included in the Nottingham Forest Club Amphitheater project, providing a stunning view of Trent Bridge.