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Quirinalo, Letta: ‘We have no name’. M5s: ‘Drake Palazzo is in Chiki’ – Politics


The first summit of center-left leaders in Quirinal, two hours with Conte at home with Letta and Speranza. At the end there is no name for “open all options”. “We will talk to the center-right about this in the coming days,” said the Democratic secretary. “Open for discussion, no first denial right, shared name required”. The M5s confirm that Berlusconi is not, if his name is on the field, five stars out of the first three votes. Right-wingers are waiting for the former prime minister’s decision, but tensions are rising.

At the end of a meeting at the former Prime Minister’s Roman residence in Guernsey, M5s President Giuseppe Conte, Secretary Dem Enrico Letta and President Liu Roberto Spranza shared the same tweet: “Great meeting. We will work. “Open to debate. No one has the right to refuse in the first place. We all have a responsibility to do so.”

The M5s for Quirinale is still trying to find an alternative name for the Mario Tracy so that the Palazzo Chiki can have a premiere. Evidence qualified for 5 seconds after the Conte-Letta-Speranza meeting. For this, it is included, The goal is to search for a shared name to ensure continuity To the government in the awareness of “the difficulty in continuing in the structure of a majority government that cannot be run without a trachea”. But above all Conte, as well as Letta and Speranza, would have faced opposition from the “majority” of their groups to the Tragi al Cole settlement.

We are not completely vetoed. We only look at the interests of the country and evaluate the interests of the country and Italian citizens. At this point, government action must be ensured. So there is no veto, we have not vetoed, “the head of the M5s Giuseppe Conte told Tg3’s microphones in the evening, answering a question about the existence of a veto by the movement under the name of Tracy to Guernile.

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“Mid-right moves are pending, and the idea that Berlusconi’s name should not appear in the classroom in the first three votes to give a strong signal if he is on the table is increasingly firm.
“Continuity of Government”: This illustrates the credible evidence of the M5s’ line of movement that emerged during the Giuseppe Conte summit with two other leaders, Letta and Speranza. In fact, from the summit, “no names were created” precisely “open all options”. And “need to be perfect” because “no one has a majority”.

“Great meeting with Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza. We will work together to provide the country with someone who can identify himself or herself as an authoritative president. Be open to debate. No one can boast of a preemptive right. We all have a duty and a responsibility.” Democrat leader Enrico Letta said on Twitter.
“There is no agreement on the names because we will talk to the center-right group about them in the coming days,” Letta said at the end of the summit.

“The meeting went well. We are ready for strong action even in the face of widespread and shared conflict. Obviously, partisan candidates like Berlusconi will be removed from the table.” Giuseppe Conte said this after a meeting with Letta and Speranza. “We are ready to provide for an empowered president or president who can represent all the country and all citizens waiting for him.” “You will definitely have some proposals when we clash with other forces,” Conde added.

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An hour-long interview between M5s leader Giuseppe Conte and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio took place in Farnesina., On the sidelines of a ceremony to dedicate a room of European treaties in memory of David Sassoli. The news of the interview is expected on Foglio’s website.

The center-right and the majority of the citizens it represents have the full right of citizenship and dignity to nominate personalities, though not necessarily from the political world, at least as capable of playing high institutional roles as the center-left. “. The Italian brothers after the executive committee meeting held at the party headquarters.

During the administration of the Brothers of Italy, President Georgia Meloni recalled the availability of FdI, which had already been reaffirmed during the Coalition Summit, in support of Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy. Create a broader consensus on empowered personalities in the center-right cultural sphere and they have all the attributes to hold office.


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