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Fan Page, Rome Attorney’s Office Durian – Cancels Capture Video on Politics

Editorial staff of were informed that the confiscation order relating to the press investigation on the League’s funds and former Undersecretary Claudio Durian had been revoked. It was announced by the same newspaper: “The investigation has sent a new arrangement to the administration, signed by Police Administrator Claudia Alberti, Attorney General Michael Prestibino Giorita and Deputy Attorney Angelantonio Rozanelli. The existing proceedings have been announced shortly before.”

Francesco Gonzalez, in-charge of, explained what happened in a video: “Thank you. This is the only thing we can say after an incredible twenty-four hours. The postal police announced the order to us. .Thank you, politicians and many, many citizens, we do not believe that all this could have happened.

The Fonbage Inquiry began a few months ago and sparked controversy over the Deputy Secretary of Economics of the Dugarigan League, which was later revived – until the executive resigned at the end of August – in Latina, now named after Falcone and Porcelino, by Deus’ brother Arnoldo Mussolini. In an online newspaper video, the editorial staff recalls, “Hon’ble Claudio Durian told one of his speakers not to worry about the Genoa prosecutor’s investigation into the 49 million euros stolen by the league from the state of Italy, because Cardia de Finanza’s general said,” We do. “

According to Capitol’s court seizure order, “The news of the capture of the Fonbage investigation yesterday aroused the opinion of journalists, Fnsi and politicians, from the PD to the M5s.

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