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Nothing but trivial

Nothing but trivial

Well, unexpected costs and extraordinary maintenance are the real puzzle in the automotive world. They often occur in conjunction with holidays and are often not covered by the manufacturer’s warranties. Yes, guarantees. Do you believe there is some kind of cover for “carnality”? Rodents?

Tesla: Rats love Elon Musk’s electricity

This could be a problem that has been causing significant headaches for US Tesla owners recently. Many reports from abroad cover several hundred Tesla, many of whom could not march Mice have damaged or chewed electrical components. There is talk of low voltage wiring, sound-absorbing panels and many other components that can compromise the performance of the car.

As reported by the New York Post, significant difficulty for owners and retailers is forced to face a real problem on a large scale. “Many manufacturers nowadays use membranes made from soy derivatives to cover the wiring of cars, compared to those made with synthetic materials or specific oils in the past.Tesla Customer Service Manager Jose Solis reports in an email to a particularly annoyed driver. According to the New York giant report, the customer in question would have been without their car for more than two months, precisely because of this problem.

For the environmental and economic problem, in fact, less and less plastic materials have been used in electrical wiring coatings, for the benefit of a Soy derivation, Apparently more call to rodents. The biggest difficulty is that this aswen charcoal is not covered by any kind of guarantee. In recent months, investigations have been launched by some consumer associations against other brands, precisely because of this enormous issue. To date, Tesla has not been involved in any legal matters, but we are confident that due to the rapid increase in claims caused by annoying animals, something may change in the coming months.

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How come now?

This is according to the New York Times The problem There is Destined to grow. Low mobility in large cities, they are always characterized by large colonies of rodents, and increasingly widespread smart work has reduced the production of organic waste – much preferred by rats – creating a change in the lifestyle of these animals. Fewer cars and food shortages on the road motivate rats to search for new livelihoods, and Teslas parked on the side of the road seems to be particularly tasty.

Can’t believe it? The keyword “Tesla rat problem” found incredible spikes in Google searches. Seeing is believing.