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Predictions for all zodiac signs

Predictions for all zodiac signs

Celebrated in many countries, Day of the Dead is one of the most popular holidays in some regions such as Mexico, but it is also celebrated in Italy. The horoscope of Branko and Paulo Fox in relation to this particular day, i.e. the 2nd of November which “falls” on today, can be particularly interesting. Here are the expectations.

Horoscopes for today, November 2, Branko: Predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries – The period you spend with your partner is fair if he has a lot of expectations. A quiet day, but with a few flashes in every sense of the word for Aries.

Taurus – A somewhat “abandoned” mental form, Mars will contribute to making him dissatisfied and even resentful at times, perhaps causing a lot of problems to his head. Sleep more.

Gemini – Almost everything related to Gemini seems to be moving at a steady, but very slow, pace, perhaps still at the same pace as last month.

Cancer – It is better to organize yourself in advance for the weekend. It may seem early, but different mental conditions will be ready to change in a short time.

Leo – They may appear alert and “awake” on the outside, but Leo is not in such a stable state mentally. Therefore, he must be practical and not take on too many matters.

Virgo – The period is very interesting for Virgo, as they will be pushed almost recklessly to start with the hard things and then keep going. It is better to do the opposite.

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Libra – Uranus will influence choices, which should not be as decisive as possible. The profile will appear more insecure than usual.

Scorpio – He will have to take into account the improvement of physical condition, as a result of which the stress rhythm has not stabilized properly, and rest will help.

Sagittarius – Influencing others to behave better is what the profile does best. Sagittarius also tends to go with the flow a bit, and it will be interesting to try to combine the two.

Capricorn – Playing the opposite is successful, but there is a limit to everything: a possible reprimand on the horizon, even if in a justified way to say the least.

Aquarius – Aquarius’ conversational qualities will not only be excellent, but he will behave much better in dealing with facts. It’s all concrete, as a sign that will make you feel a little disconnected.

Pisces – frequent breaks due to constant distractions regarding work. He’ll have to help himself and isolate himself at least a little while he works.

Horoscopes for today, November 2, Paulo Fox: Predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries – The plans made for today will go differently than expected: Paulo Fox strongly advises you to act mostly instinctively for today.

Taurus – A strong spread of a type of chronic pessimism. Unfortunately, some things will go exactly as you think. But it would be better to know first.

Gemini – Looking for a little fun, but also wants to feel responsible. Ironically, the person will be able to help him have both.

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Cancer – Very optimistic, it will also be important to maintain a similar mood at least until late afternoon. Many people will be able to “reduce” it indirectly, so be careful.

Leo – He will have little desire to work, which is called “Thursday Syndrome”, which Leo often suffers from in phases of this type.

Virgo – hates inconsistency, even if it is their own, but someone will already be able to point out in the profile behaviors that could be related to the sign’s incoherence. Running away would be a “cowardly” thing to do, but it’s a useful attitude sometimes.

Libra – physical condition to be evaluated, Saturn will influence mental ability, but it would be good to rely on “already known terrain” and understood ways of doing things.

Scorpio – This is not the best time of the week for Scorpio who will try to free himself from negative situations. But be careful to minimize small problems.

Sagittarius – A good time to organize yourself in advance regarding household chores. He will be a little inclined to do fancy things but he is full of energy.

Capricorn – Capricorn is a bit intrusive at this stage, and it will also be difficult to make the sign understand without clearly saying so. Someone will try, someone will be less diplomatic.

Aquarius – Fatigue must be taken into account, but the pressure is not too high. The profile will be able to express his disappointment but with judgment.

Pisces – Profiling follows Pisces who is going through a good conservative phase but tends to bite off more than they can chew. It’s best to go slowly.