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And storms will come.  Trend « 3B Meteo

And storms will come. Trend « 3B Meteo

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The weather trend for next week is more episodes of instability
The weather trend for next week is more episodes of instability

This is due to the existing low pressure area over Central-Western Europe Current e the future Unsettled conditions in parts of Italy do not seem to want to be absorbed into the next week, and as a result the weather in the country, or at least part of it, may continue to deteriorate. Already on that day On Monday, May 16, From the center of depression fixed over France, a new impulse of instability must move eastward and cover some of our parts. Due to the temporal distance, its exact trajectory is currently difficult to identify, but above all due to the dynamics that numerical models still struggle to understand.

Let’s consider it without going into detail Areas at risk of destabilization are Central-North In our peninsula, the Mediterranean anticyclone is more in the south, so the weather should be more stable and it can be very warm.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday A specific recovery of the Mediterranean anticyclone towards Italy is not excluded, which could also be confirmed in the central regions as a result. A column of northerly unstable impulses emerges It will continue to emerge from a depression located roughly between France and Germany, with other scattered showers or thunderstorms, albeit alternating with sunshine.

Further In the second half of next week The permanence of the low pressure circulation over the French territory may continue in alternating phases to affect the weather in our regions, especially in the north, with the possible transfer of new unstable impulses. But this trend is very complex and subject to change in coming days. So we advise you to follow the next updates.

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