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Bruno Vespa dramatic confession live: “I’m hungry” |  No one was expecting that

Bruno Vespa dramatic confession live: “I’m hungry” | No one was expecting that

Bruno Vespa, direct confession: details Source @Instagram –

What happened in the Bruno Vespa program? No one expected to hear the terrible confession live: We’ll explain everything to you.

Program presenter and journalist, Bruno Vespa He has been one of the pillars of Italian television since the 1990s, after he became Bachelor’s degree in lawHe participated in a public competition for radio commentators, won, and then became Dedicated to hosting TG1Which allowed him to begin his rise in the world of television.

D 1996 Leads the programme Door to door Which remains one of the programs to this day Politics, customs and current events Most of them are followed by audiences at home, and they always manage to score excellent ratings. A controversial and powerful personality Right-wing supporter and former Prime Minister BerlusconiHe often found himself in the middle of numerous scandals, earning the nickname “Servant of the System” after the deceased journalist Bocca.

Moreover, Bruno Vespa was also the director of il The National Newspaper from 2014 to 2019, a newspaper that combines Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione and Il Giorno. Writer of many articles on political topics, one can also disagree with the ideas and statements of Bruno Vespa, but it is impossible not to acknowledge the great professionalism that made him become the only Italian journalist to have given an interview. Saddam HousseinThis contradicts the government’s recommendations.

However, from 2023, Bruno Vespa will also run a new RAI network programme, where he always deals with politics and current affairs. Here he lives Terrible confession “I figured out”I am hungry“: This is what happened during the program.

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Bruno Vespa, Living Confession

Journalist, presenter and founder Door to doorfrom 2023 hosts a new politics and current affairs programme: five minutesA new information tape in which he interviews different personalities, from the world of politics to the world of entertainment, to raise awareness Italy today And the treatment of the gods Exciting topics During this period in our country.

Specifically during the live broadcast on RAI 1 channel Terrible confession Which left everyone speechless, and sparked reactions on the Internet: This is what happened during the Bruno Vespa program. “I am hungry“Now you can’t hide anymore.

Ariana David -
Ariana David, Miss Italy 93 Source: @Instagram –

“I’m hungry,” he confessed

in five minutesthe program hosted by Bruno Vespa, as we have emphasized, the guests are the most disparate who are called Discuss the most diverse topicsalso About nutrition and eating disorders, A problem appears to exist Increase in Italy.

In his interview with Ariana David, former Miss ItalyIn a program Bruno Vespa Attention has focused on what it means to suffer from an eating disorder. As mentioned Carla GioniIn his article L Follower March 25, 2024The former model and beauty queen had announced, “I advise people to go to a center and ask for help because it is really difficult on your own. I always say that, it’s been 30 years I am hungry This brings you a lot of imbalances, and you even become more nervous. “You are different and this is a great suffering.”