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Ciro Petrone wants to give up on Big Brother: I’m not feeling well

Ciro Petrone wants to give up on Big Brother: I’m not feeling well

Big Brother 2023/2024

Ciro Petrone is considering leaving the Big Brother house. The actor revealed to Rosie Chen that he was not living his experience in peace: “I am not feeling well. I wake up with a headache because I am not sleeping.” “I have to talk to them (the authors, the editor) and find a solution,” he added.

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Big Brother 2023/2024

Cyrus Patron Thinking about giving up great brother. The rival considers the possibility of leaving Cinecittà’s house because he will not feel comfortable anymore: he revealed to Rosy Chin that he is not feeling well and is waiting to talk to him “they(The Authors, ed.) L “finding a solution”.

Ciro Petron’s confession

Yesterday, while speaking with Rosie Chen, Ciro Petrone revealed his desire to leave the Big Brother house: “I talk to them afterward. It’s not about keeping me busy, I’m not feeling well, I wake up in the morning and my head hurts, I don’t sleep and during the day I behave badly. I have to talk to them. I try to understand a few things, otherwise I will have to stay, and Too bad for you that I’m here“.”Don’t think about usThe tenant answered before the authors changed direction.

On X (formerly Twitter) many noticed a change in competitor behavior. “He went outSome users claimed. To reveal that something has changed as well Massimiliano Varese So with Alex, In the garden, he commented: “It’s been like this for 15 days, ever since the episode got messy and difficult for meVarys may be referring to the case in which he is the protagonist Heidi kisses.

“This time I won’t run away,” he said in the show clip.

The Neapolitan actor will find himself living difficult hours in the Big Brother house. However, he assured viewers in the presentation clip that he presented before joining the program: “This time I won’t run away, don’t worry, this door will remain closedCiro Petrone participated in another reality show in 2019, Temptation Islandwith his better half Federica Caputo, but he couldn’t stay there for long. He ran away from the village For friends climbing the rock and photographers to reach his girlfriend. He quickly hugged her, but his gesture cost him exclusion.