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A 4.5 billion pixel panorama of Mars released: Watch the video (unprecedented details)

A 4.5 billion pixel panorama of Mars released: Watch the video (unprecedented details)

The 4.5 billion pixel panorama consists of 1,237 images taken by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover (including wind).

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover used the Mastcam-Z holographic system to capture the following 360-degree panoramic image of Airey Hill, where the rover remained stationary throughout the solar conjunction. The 4.5 billion pixel panorama consists of 1237 individual images Mastcam-Z joined together. The images were acquired on November 3 and 4, 2023, the 962nd and 963rd sols, or sols, of the rover’s mission.. The coverage of the sky image was also digitally enhanced and expanded based on the actual sky color observed while capturing the Martian panorama. Furthermore, winds recorded by the rover’s microphones were added:

Why does the planet appear red?

The reason Mars appears red is due to the oxidation of iron found in rocks, regolith and dust. The latter is expelled into the atmosphere and causes its appearance Mostly the red planet. Interestingly, Mars is about half the size of Earth TerraIts surface area is approximately the same as that of the emerging land on our planet. Its volcanoes, craters, crustal movements and dust storms have changed its landscape for many years, creating some of Topographic features The most interesting in the solar system.

sourceCover image source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS

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