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You are a pots singer

You are a pots singer

Pamela Prati and Patricia Rossetti make fun of each other, and their bickering also ends in the episode.

You can not miss the brawls in rings Big Brother VIP She is also living with the differences that have moved her women in particular in recent days Pamela Prati And the Patricia Rossetti. Among the divas there was a sharp exchange of words on which the other tenants also commented, about which Alfonso Signorini questioned.

Pamela Prati kick at Patricia Rossetti

It all started a few days ago, during a fashion show, which saw all the girls get the attention by wearing clothes that accentuate their shapes. Calling everyone in confession to comment in the evening, Patricia Rossetti, who turned into Pamela Prati, teased her by telling her she had flat buttocks, but the Bagaglino singer didn’t take it well at all and instead of indulging in the joke and laughing at it, addressed her roommate saying:Well you are full of celluliteA true insult, albeit ghoulish, was also reported in front of the cameras as they both commented on the incident and Prati did not hesitate to address the enemy in a more blunt way: “Leave me alone, you are the pot singerThe response from the person concerned shall be immediate:I haven’t done this in years, if you weren’t aware, please don’t speak up.”

Attilio Romita defends Pamela Prati

Looking at the confessions of the other tenants, it turns out that Pamela Prati is an old-fashioned singer “from the past,” as Nikita Pelizon declared, while Eleonir Firuzi immediately defended her: “Pamela is an exceptional woman that I love so much, and then those divas don’t tell themselves, they are.” Attilio Romita also intervenes to defend the showgirl, who says: “After years and years in first grade at Bagaglino, for the sake of my friendship with Pingitore, I can say that Pamela’s donkey is worthy.”

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