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Big Brother, “The Beebaldi” is back: Lozzie’s surprise announcement

Big Brother, “The Beebaldi” is back: Lozzie’s surprise announcement

Back and forth. Then forward again. Relationship between Beatrice Luzzi And Giuseppe Garibaldi It is a constant, incessant, and sometimes incomprehensible back and forth. They loved each other during the first weeks of Big Brother 2023, then suddenly stopped. Accusations and resentment. And finally ConvergenceJust a few meters from the “finish line” of the Mediaset reality show. But once you get out (and it looks like you) it’s theirs Tenderness and tenderness They evaporated again. The “Bibaldi”, as the public called them, had been separated a thousand times and brought together several times. Now it seems that A A sarcastic post from Luzzi Brings everything back into play. Maybe she and the Calabrian janitor never stopped loving each other. And I’m a fan actually They start to melt. Let’s see the details.

Beatrice Luzzi and Garibaldi, Exile after the Crisis

Whoever understands something about it is good. Lozi identified the story with the non-story, the one into which I was born Big brother With Giuseppe Garibaldi. And yet there it was Tenderness, kisses and hugs. But also many arguments and very long silences. Giuseppe, of the two, seemed the more attractive, somewhat ‘cooked’ short. While Lozi, true to her solid and pure personality, I rarely “unbuttoned” About the feelings he (maybe) had for his real-life partner. Nice and good inertia, let’s say so. Especially since recently, I have been using Beatrice It seems that the excuses are not very credibleto get away from the never-ending story with Giuseppe.

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any? The truth is that apparently she and Givino were He left without a cell phone. So it is impossible to feel and stay in touch. Fans have been clamoring for one He hits (Sarcastic) Demands an immediate solution. This is what actually happened today. Because it’s on Instagram Beatrice Luzzi posted a story crystalline. The image is divided into two halves: On the right you, on the left Garibaldi. They both hold a cell phone in their hands, of the same brand, and both are pressing it against a thin wall that seems to separate them. Lozi’s comment, then, is the final touch to the skit: “Negotiations resolved: new phones. Unions call off the strike.

Needless to say, I am Social fan I’m spot on go crazy. Open applause, uncontainable joy and good company. With the (long-term) hope that the “Biebaldi” won’t screw everything up this time again. Will be Time to get serious, after all. But it’s also possible that this is a ploy to attract followers, which is unthinkable. In love and on television, nothing is forbidden. Not to mention if it is in condition Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi.