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Pop Ecofestival in Costermano sul Garda between cinema and theater from 4 to 22 July 2021 Events in Verona

Pop Ecofestival in Costermano sul Garda between cinema and theater from 4 to 22 July 2021 Events in Verona

The municipality of Costermano sul Garda presents the first outdoor version of POP ECOFESTIVAL, a mobile festival of outdoor cinema, theater and special events to be held in July in Costermano, an opportunity for social networking, entertainment and regional promotion through the magic of culture, entertainment and the arts. POP ECOFESTIVAL 2021 contains 7 dates selected thanks to the cooperation for technical and organizational direction of Ippogrifo Produzioni.

“Until now, cultural events of this kind have not been organized in Costermano sul Garda, with the creation of Parco dell’amicizia dei Popoli and Parco dello Sport, it was not only about creating spaces for all citizens and visitors in our region but also added value in terms of The show is thanks to the recent commissioning of Bicigrill’s management to Marciaga and the start of works to build the hostel in Costermano.The pandemic has forced the management to postpone projects already planned for 2020, but now everything is ready to pick up where it left off.Calendar of events that will take place mainly in two parks from Corso to A new season for Costermano sul Garda where the general green becomes really green to live”, Mayor Stefano Pasarini stated.

Opens July 4th with a site-specific event at Villa Torre Giuliari. Exclusive to Verona and its province, the theatrical production I GUARDIANI DEL ANGA will be organized by Mitmacher. Organized by actor Nicolas Siavoni at Alberè, at 6 pm. The audience, which can only be accessed by reservation, will be guided through the park and the wood of Villa Giuliari to reach a green space, where sitting on the grass, shade of secular trees, you will be able to attend mise en place.

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The program continues with two fixed weekly dates. Every Tuesday, at the Bicigrill of Marciaga in Via Vallette, from 6 to 20 July, the theater is for everyone: the great shows, the commedia dell’arte and the family theater are always on stage at 9.15 pm with a single ticket of €3. Instead of Thursday, from July 8 to 22, the cinema was in the park and under the stars in the brand new Biopark of Friendship and Peoples with one ticket for 1 euro.

the program

July 6th. ENCICLOPEDIA FOR THE PERFECT WOMAN With Stefania Carlso and Ivarosella Beulo. Phantom Saleswomen invite us to discover the encyclopedia of the ideal woman’s advice, so that we can turn any woman into the fireplace angel every man would be happy to have by his side, a seductive mix of Barbie and dishwasher. DEDALO FURIOSO made the stupid, funny movie about ideal women, girlfriends, wives.

July 13. Children’s theater systems. Arrival of FEBO TEATRO with the original and interesting show: stamberga shoes. There’s all the ingredients for a true adventure: wizards, spells, dragons and princesses. Three laps and exotic songs are sung live for a show inspired by the rhythms and music of the Commedia dell’arte that will entertain young and old.

July 20. A reinterpretation of one of Carlo Goldoni’s most famous comedies, SCALTRA WIDOW, is one of the most represented shows by the Teatro dei Pazzi, an exceptional amateur company led by director and author Giovanni Gusto. In the pure style of commedia dell’arte, in an overwhelming grammelot, we’ll meet the protagonist, Rosaura, surrounded by silly suitors, falling one by one into the trap of fatal love. Making fun of her fans and their homelands, Rosora brings to life a comedy that entertains and immerses the audience.

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Instead, an open-air cinema will be established in the new Peoples Friendship Biopark in Baesse. Three appointments, again on Thursday, July 8-22 on the themes of second chances and relationships but also nature and landscape to reinforce and echo the message that the park itself conveys to all citizens. Participation is guaranteed with one courtesy ticket for €1. The big screen will be equipped in the park. Small audience will also be available. Organizers suggest bringing a blanket or rug from home and, in compliance with the distances required by law, sitting in the garden and enjoying the cinema under the stars in a pop-oular version.

July 8. You just die while you’re aliveK PLUS PRODUCTION, FANDANGO DISTRIBUTION

With Alessandro Roya, Alessandra Mastronardi, Francesco Banovino, Neri Marcouri, Ugo Bagliai, Amanda Lear and participating Red Kanzian. Film written and directed by Alberto Rizzi. Screening takes place in the presence of the director. Orlando is a daredevil and lives on the banks of the Great River Bow. Life’s adventures led him to take care of a wiser and older granddaughter, and manage the rebuilding of an unconventional squad. Of course, there is also a great deal of love to recovery. A brilliant and wise comedy, an exceptional cast directed by the Veronese director Alberto Risi who will attend the show and will be open to the audience for questions and curiosity.

July 15. Wild Directed by Jean Marc Valley فال with the protagonist Reese Witherspoon, an Oscar nominee for this performance and screenplay by Nick Hornby based on a true story. In search of herself and a meaning in life, the protagonist decides to embark on a long and secluded journey in the western mountains of… United States of America. In this adventurous and formative journey, a woman finds herself confronting the beauty and dangers of wild nature. A stimulating and stimulating film that, with a high-level interpretation of the hero and exceptional photography, presents us with truly breathtaking feelings and opinions.

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July 22. This is the worst year of my life. The film won the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival The Heroes are an unexpected trio of 17 years in a strange mix of teen comedy, with an almost crazy beginning, and an animated movie. Three teenagers are in their last year of school and are seriously ill. But the direction holds the reins firmly and does not present a melodrama, but with effective irony that brings us to an original, intense and very interesting story.

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