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"Just take us to c * o"

“Just take us to c * o”

Isola 2021, Miria reveals the primitive. Tommaso Zorzi: “Just take us off the donkey”. Thursday night episode dedicated to Quarrels between the studio and the Palapa. In particular, the winner of the Big Brother Vip appears unable to take in more games than generation And associates.

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During th Live broadcast of the thirteenth episode of the seriesCelebrity Island 2021Neanderthal Team, made up of Jill RocaValentina Persia, Francesca Ludo, Ubaldo Lanzo, and Andrea Cirioli all tried to deny that they all agreed to be called the same person. If the final episode votes on compact Meria, then this time, surprisingly, the name they all make is Roca Jill.

There was something underneath that was more than obvious and Tommaso Zorzi wanted to see clearly: “Why every time there are nominations in the first group, you always go to the same name? It’s boring, it’s trivial. Did Giles ask you? ». Angela Melillo is the first to say that there is nothing under it but the decision to vote for a generation is the result of her independent thinking.

But Miriya thinks about revealing them: “Jill asked to be named,” Zorzi angrily: “But just take us from the donkey. You are a trifleYou’re pathetic, but enough, think with your head. Valentina does not say no. I was the first. “

Giles says he did not submit an application but spoke to his friends, “I understood that I had reached the limit, before I collapsed, fainted, I felt the urge to vomit.” The actor ends In nomination with Ciufoli and Rosaria Cannav Also, at the end of the episode, he calls the audience to vote on him.

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