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"Theoretically, we're working with the same company, and I'll be in the bales."  A brawl of opinion, beyond - Libero Quotidiano

“Theoretically, we’re working with the same company, and I’ll be in the bales.” A brawl of opinion, beyond – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

Troubled water in irrigation. Francesca Vialdini, this leads With us… free – Sunday format – lashes Mara VenereWhich precedes him in the Sunday schedule on Rai 1 with Sunday in. “It is a great mystery, we all ask ourselves because the program is not only mine, but we are working on it in 15-20 people – says What does TV do يفعل -. I have no idea’ not even confused. But I just don’t know. What should I tell you. I’ll stay on the bales. I met her twice: once in the studio and once at the tables. So I’m not saying I did anything to her.”

No response from Venier, at least for now, who is enjoying the end of her show on Sunday (remember she gives the line to Vialdini). But how will there be A bit of a cold between two women Rai 1? obscurity. But these phrases bring chill to viale Mazzini.

We know, from rumors, about a mutual friend like Alberto Matano, which will be very close to Mara Venier and Francesca Vialdini. However, this is not enough to compromise on a seemingly almost completely non-existent relationship. “They tend to ask us to fire whoever comes next – concluded Vidalini -. We create a network, we form a team and we all work together. In theory, we all work with the same company. But no one can force Mara Venier to do what he does. She doesn’t want to you do. Or maybe you forgot me? I really don’t know,” Thunder. A real cannon shot that Viner definitely doesn’t like.

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