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Plot 22 and April 23, 2021, introduces the episode

Plot 22 and April 23, 2021, introduces the episode

predecessor bet 1159 From Life From Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April 2021: Jacinto decided to buy a lottery ticket and at that point Marcelina would like to divide any winnings by three. Castilda, however, does not fit!

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Camino reconciles with her mother and tries not to indicate her bad mood, but Felicia still intends to get some explanations from Mighty so she goes to her.

Emilio asks for Cinta’s hand: Father Jose Miguel immediately says yes, but Beletta who, upset because she suspects her husband has betrayed her, sends a pessimistic speech to her daughter …

Santiago was captured. At that point, Marcia decided to lie and supply her husband on the pretext of absence.

Mendez tells Felipe and Genoveva that a mysterious philanthropist visited Andrade in prison under an assumed name; Genoveva realizes that the person in question is Ursula.

Genoviva summons Ursula, dressed as a nun, and offers her lots of money to leave Acacias for good.

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