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Here’s what happened at home

Here’s what happened at home

Massimiliano Varese vs. Beatrice Luzzi after the GF episode: “Ridiculous, she’s playing dirty.”

Massimiliano Varese It’s literally It exploded during the night in the Big Brother house. I tried and was tired of the behavior I took Beatrice Luzzithe competitor couldn’t contain himself and lashed out against the actress, accusing her of implementing a real strategy to get ahead in the game.

Massimiliano Varese’s cruel outburst during the night

Massimiliano Varese and Beatrice Luzzi They seem unable to find a meeting point to live their experience in peace at Casa del Big brother. immediately after episodeIn fact, the two became champions of A.J New question and answer. As Biccy reported, it all started while the actress was talking to other tenants about changing beds and the man started attacking her: “You’ve been teasing me for days and I can’t take it anymore. You have to pretend I’m not here.”.

Raised statements Lozi’s immediate reactionFrom which he tried to defend himself Accusations. But it doesn’t end there, because once the controversial competitor of gf I walked away from the group, Varys He’s back in charge He accused her of sarcasm and lying:

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But what does this want after four weeks? But stop, it’s ridiculous! Come on, I can’t take it anymore, oh my God. He harassed me every day for four days and then pretended it wasn’t real. For God’s sake, you don’t have to talk to me anymore, you don’t really have to talk to me. You have to leave me alone. He does it because it suits him. It does this because it lives on reflected light. It’s a weasel and now I’ll shut up because it’s better. He plays dirty and plays a role.

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